Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The silence is the place of fear, of hurt, of doubt but most of all it is the place of truth. As our daily sounds start to quiet and our heart beat steadies we can easier hear the knock of truth on our doors. This is the reason i lie awake at night with open eyes and a restless mind.

I cant seem to quiet the silence and Ive yet to decide whether this is my blessing or my curse. I have found myself being thrown into a spiral of thought each moment of silence i happen to stumble upon throughout my day and im having to make a conscious effort to live rather than think. So, blessing or curse? In the spirals i catch glimpses of truth and my bed has become my road to self discovery. Im understanding myself in new ways some nights and yet some i find myself hating what i find in the "wilderness of my intuition." hating or understand, both fall under discovery and i think i will be taking this in as a blessing. This small portion of my life... this portion im missing... the thoughtless place of folly the others so peacefully reside... Is it so wrong to miss this to discover and prepare myself to be who i will be? I think not and i hope not... I dont have much of a choice in the matter. So a blessing i say... a blessing of truth and as painful and scary the knocking on the door can be, i hope i never stop hearing it because behind each door is a vital piece of me to find on my road of discovery.