Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday Candles

When you were a kid and the time came to blow out your candles on your birthday cake and you were told to "make a wish" you did. Despite all you knew that the wish would probably not become reality as the result of a want whispered in your thoughts. Although you understood there is no birthday candle magical power that can make all your hopes and dreams come true you made that wish. You pored your heart out into a thought for the sake of "just in case." For the hope that there was something or someone hearing and forever knowing your most precious desires. As living, loving, and longing beings we need to feel a power greater than ours in control and just in reach. So we reach and reach and reach. We reach with prayers whispered before bed. We reach with shooting stars scampering across the sky or with eyelashes lightly blown away. We reach for something more. As we reach, we are either swept with disappointment as our attempts prove pointless, or we a renewed with a hope as we experience the touch of what we forever long for. Although it is, at times, difficult to put my hand out again after the times when it all seems so far away, I will continue to because of the times my fingers have lightly grazed the face of hope. We may not be too sure what we've been reaching for all this time but our endless attempts are what keep us alive.
Here's to reaching...

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