Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama 01/17/09

Address the nation,
swear, vow.
Hand on the Bible,
a king now.
The microphone booms,
"let freedom ring."
The men solute,
the trumpets sing.
Once upon a time,
a nation falls.
A child without hope,
a girl without a doll.
Nothing left
for America to hold.
Broken vows
a thousand years old.
Promises spoken
from the mouth of hope,
empty or not,
only God will know.
He speaks of change,
of good to come.
To these promises,
we've all grown numb.
We've heard it before,
save your breathe.
How do we know
these changes aren't death?

1 comment:

  1. i want to be clear that this does not reflect my feelings for obama (which i will not reveal in prevention of a political debate)but im simply noticing how every time a president (at the time, obama) makes a promise of change everyone gets all excited like its something new. I wrote this while watching his inauguration so this was me wondering if these promises would prove to be true or not.