Sunday, February 28, 2010

a smile

As the snow has melted and a pleasant afternoon temperature is brought back with a soothing light breeze sweeping through the trees Im getting back into my running season. Oh how i miss my runs. That time where i can escape the house, feel nature in my veins, and get lost in the music. The time where i pound my feet against the pavement to the beat of my favorite songs wiping all frustration out of my mind. It never failed whatever was going on at home as soon as my ear buds were in and my legs were going it was like instant peace in my rarely peaceful mind. For some reason during the winter i cant enjoy myself on a run. Therefore, i havnt been running regularly for a while now. Im starting to realize the importance of this time for me. I sit in my four walls thinking and thinking and thinking and at times worrying then thinking some more and i cant seem to find my "stop thinking" point as my ears start to thought bleed and my eyes start to thought tear. Thought overload! Yesterday i woke up and looked out my window to see the sun smiling back at me. As cheesy as it sounds, its how i felt. Without hesitation i put on a hoodie, some sweats and tennis hoes and darted out the door with my music on. This was the first run id been on since i moved in with my dad and the neighborhood is in an awkward place so the only place i had to run was around a small square over and over and over(this made me miss my old neighborhood greatly). Honestly i didnt really care. I ran and ran and ran(and stopped and gasped for i was out of shape). lol the music never felt so calming, the sun never felt so warming, the soft breeze never felt so soothing, and the steady beat my feet made against the pavement had never felt so much like my true heart beat as in that moment. As i stopped in the middle of the road, closed my eyes, rolled my head back,and breathed i could feel the earth in my viens once again. I smiled. For the first time in a while i truly smiled. It wasnt smirk, or a smile with a little worry on the side, or a smile that was hiding behind but a smile of bliss. A smile that renewed with each breath with only feelings of joy behind it. Bliss, bliss in its highest. such an inspiring beautiful day that was. cant wait for my next run when the weather allows.


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